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Congenital Penile Curvature: What a Sexologist Needs to Know


David Ralph

Professor of Urology
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Content: Professor David Ralph has built up the largest, most prestigious Andrology department globally. His practice is entirely confined to Andrology, with the main interests being penile reconstruction, Peyronie’s Disease, Erectile dysfunction with prosthetic Urology and male infertility. He is considered one of the legends in penile surgery.

Evie Kirana and Francesca Tripodi interview him on congenital penile curvature (CPC), a rare condition that untreated may affect outcomes as an adult such as sexual health, urinary symptoms, and quality of life. Patients usually present after puberty as the curvature becomes more apparent with erections, and severe curvature can make intercourse difficult or impossible.

Professor Ralph shares his clinical experience, clarifying the CPC’s characteristics, the men’s typical reactions to their condition, and the sexual dysfunctions associated with this. Current surgical trends, advantages and disadvantages of available methods and possible complications are presented. Tips on sexual history taking and diagnosis and possible mistakes in the sexological assessment are given. Issues that a patient needs to consider when selecting the right surgeon and the key points that sexologists need to know about congenital curvature are discussed at the end of the talk, improving the learner’s awareness of this condition.
Produced in 2022

David Ralph

Professor of Urology
Distinguished Guest

Professor David Ralph is Professor of Urology at UCLH and UCL, London since 1996. His training included General surgery at St Thomas’s and St Mary’s Hospitals London, and Urology at Leeds and the St Peter’s Hospitals London. He is a Fellow of both the London and Edinburgh surgical colleges and has also obtained a BSc in Biochemistry and an MS in London.

Since appointed in 1996, he has built up the Andrology department at UCLH from a single man unit into a department of six consultants, 6 clinical fellows, MD and PhD students and junior staff. It is now the largest, most prestigious Andrology department in the world with over 50 international observerships per year and the highest number of tertiary referrals in the UK.
His practice is entirely confined to Andrology with the main interests being penile reconstruction, Peyronie’s Disease, Erectile dysfunction with prosthetic Urology and male infertility. He runs a large multidisciplinary erectile dysfunction service with a European training fellowship for penile prosthesis implantation and is Director of the Erectile Dysfunction Clinical Trials Unit.
He has held many prestigious positions, the most notable including the Chairman of the BAUS section of Andrology, President of the British Society of Sexual Medicine and President of the European Society for Sexual Medicine (ESSM). He is currently Chairman of The European Society of Genitourethral Reconstructive Surgeons, President of the Sexual Advice Association charity and a specialist advisor to NICE.
He founded the national penile cancer center at UCLH, the international training center for penile prostheses insertion and the major phallic reconstruction unit. It is also the biggest priapism center in the UK.
He has over 250 peer-reviewed publications, 60 chapters and books, 500 international presentations and 500 invited lectures. He has been awarded the Brantley Scott medal in 2016 for recognition of his international contribution to Prosthetic Urology and the British Society For Sexual Medicine Career Award in 2017.

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