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Male Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder

1h 25m

Yacov Reisman

Urologist & Sexual Medicine Specialist
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Content and Aim: Compared to the literature on low sexual desire in women, very little has been written about men. Hypoactive sexual desire disorder in men has most frequently been considered as hypogonadism. Although testosterone supplementation in some cases may be an effective treatment, this may not always be the solution. Biological factors are important but don’t always explain the sexual response. Hypoactive sexual desire disorder in men is a problem that requires a bio-psychosocial management approach. Understanding the biological, psychological and relational aspects of a man’s desire will lead to a better selection of the treatment strategy. A sexologist needs to be able to have a basic understanding of the available biological treatment options and to provide psychosexual therapy.
Learning Objectives:

  1. To know the key aspects of the definition for hypoactive sexual desire in men
  2. Be familiar with the clinical presentation of hypoactive sexual desire disorder in men that is not secondary to another sexual dysfunction
  3. Know the most strongly associated biological, psychogenic, sexual and couple factors that explain hypoactive sexual desire in men
  4. Be familiar with the therapeutic options: medical and psychological

Produced in 2020

Yacov Reisman

Urologist & Sexual Medicine Specialist

Y. Reisman, MD, Phd, FECS, graduates Cum Laude at the Faculty of Medicine of State University Groningen, The Netherlands.

In 1998 he defences his PhD research thesis on electronic diagnostic tools and objective medical decisions with European Clinical database. Since 2002 he is registered as a urologist allied to the Amstelland hospital in Amstelveen and from 2006 till recently chairman of the Dutch Men’s Health Clinics network. In 2011 he become a registered sexologist by the Dutch Society of sexology (NVVS) and since recently director of Flare-Health. He is honorary and visiting Professor for urology of the Russian Federal Institute of Urology, Moscow and of the Shanghai Institute of Andrology of the Medical School of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He is active member of the European Association of Urology (EAU), Past-President of the European Society for Sexual Medicine (ESSM), Ex-President of the Multidisciplinary Joint Committee on Sexual Medicine (MJCSM), for which he receives Silver Decoration of Honour from the UEMS, and co-director of ESSM School of Sexual Medicine. He is senior lecturer of Clinical Sexology at the RINO-Amsterdam, Netherlands. His special interest and publications are a.o. on cancer and sexual dysfunction, sexuality in chronic conditions, shockwave therapy for ED and life style and sexual function. Y. Reisman is among others co-editor of the Manual of Sexual Medicine, the Syllabus of Clinical Sexology published by the ESSM, and Cancer, Intimacy and Sexuality.

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