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Psychogenic Aspects of Erectile Dysfunction

1h 30m

Evie Kirana

Health Psychologist & Sexologist
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Content and Aim: Psychogenic Erectile dysfunction is probably one of the most common problems that a sexologist will manage. This lecture focuses on the diagnostic procedure and questions that are indicative of psychogenic erectile dysfunction. It also provides a good understanding of the mechanism of performance anxiety, as well as factors that maintain or exacerbate it. Therapeutic strategies such as stress management for performance anxiety, sensate focus, cognitive behavioral therapy and medications are presented. Since, no one therapeutic strategy is appropriate for all cases of erectile dysfunction, through cases the speaker presents the therapeutic strategies that she would select in five different cases: a man that loses his erection upon using the condom; a man that loses his erection since the start of the relationship; a man that only sometimes loses his erection; and a man that always loses his erection after right after penetration.
Learning objectives:

  1. Be aware of the key aspects of the definition for erectile dysfunction
  2. Be familiar with the clinical presentation of psychogenic of erectile dysfunction
  3. To comprehend the mechanism of performance anxiety
  4. Know the most strongly associated evidence based organic, psychogenic, sexual and couple factors that explain erectile dysfunction
  5. Be familiar with therapeutic options: medical and psychological
  6. Be able to select the appropriate therapeutic strategy according to manifestation of the problem, rather than one treatment for all.

Produced in 2020

Evie Kirana

Health Psychologist & Sexologist
Lecturer and Supervisor

Dr Paraskevi-Sofia (Evie) Kirana, Phd, MSc ECPS, received her Bachelor Degree in Psychology from Panteion University (1998), immediately continued with her postgraduate studies in Health Psychology (MSc) at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom, and later completed her PhD in psychology at the University of Athens.

She received additional training in the field of sexology by completing the Specialist Programme of the European Society for Sexual Medicine (ESSM), and a two-year postgraduate programme in psychosexual dysfunction treatments of the Mental Health Research Institute (EPIPSY) of the University of Athens. In 2013 she was awarded the title of Honorary Fellow of the European Committee of Sexual Medicine (honFECSM). Since 2008 her daily clinical work focuses solely on the treatment of sexual dysfunctions of men and women, with the majority of cases being erectile dysfunction and ejaculatory disorders. Within the last 5 years, she has treated approximately 1500 men with psychogenic erectile dysfunction and 1000 men with premature ejaculation. Since 2010 she lectures at the postgraduate programme on psychosexual dysfunctions of Athens, as well as all educational activities of the ESSM (ESSM School of Sexual Medicine, ABC course, Preparatory Course). Her lectures and workshops are usually on psychogenic erectile dysfunction and ejaculatory disorders. For the last 8 years she has worked as the head of the Centre for Sexual and Reproductive Health (KESAY). Her research work includes 19 international and 6 Greek publications. She is one of the editors of the EFS-ESSM Syllabus in Clinical Sexology, and also the ESSM Manual of Sexual Medicine (2nd edition). Currently she is an associate editor of the journal ‘Sexual Medicine’ and a member of the editorial board of the ‘Journal of Sexual Medicine’. She is the chair of the ESSM/EFS Exam Committee for psycho-sexologists, a member of the 4th International Consultation for Sexual Medicine, and also a member of the Educational Committee of the European Society for Sexual Medicine (ESSM). She is a member of the EFS executive committee and has been a member of the EFS scientific committee since 2013 and a co-chair since 2017.


English, Greek

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