about us

Evie & Francesca

ioss mission

IOSS is driven by its mission to empower sexologists to provide the best possible care. It aims to serve those pursuing sexology as well as those already in the field as an extensive knowledge resource.

IOSS is every sexologist’s source of.

  • Continuously updated educational content that is instructional, informational, inspiring, and engaging.
  • Online Clinical Supervision that is goal oriented, developmental, flexible, culturally competent and self-reflecting.

Led by the world’s foremost experts, our carefully designed learning possibilities are short form, internet based and immediately actionable. IOSS helps specialists by catalyzing conversation around the topics most critical to the 21st century sexology.

The editorial process

At IOSS we take a boutique approach dedicating our talents, experience and network capabilities to carefully designed educational material and clinical supervision sessions. Instead of rushing into producing more and more webinars, our educational material is carefully tailored at every stage. IOSS works with some of the most experienced sexual health scientists across the globe and within every thematic domain. Topics are always carefully selected with strong reasoning, the learning objectives are clearly defined, and we always liaise closely with our speakers in order to produce high quality and clinically relevant material. IOSS is not about information design, it’s about designing experiences.

Evie and Francesca

The duo

International Online Sexology Supervisors is founded by Francesca Tripodi and Evie Kirana. Francesca and Evie are clinical sexologists with extensive experience in providing sexual therapy and in implementing educational activities for sexual health specialists. Francesca and Evie have worked together several years before founding IOSS, as co-lecturers, book editors, scientific committee members, etc, and it has always been clear that they felt the same passion for their work.




IOSS is designed for professionals who care about their clinical knowledge and skills in sexology; who want to do the best for their clients and make the difference in the community of sexual health care providers. We want to connect with sexual health providers who strongly believe in the value of continuous education.


Because we were in your same situation and we struggled to build our competence. Because we know the feeling of being aware of what is exciting to learn or to share, but not being able to reach it.

Now, after years of studying, researching, attending the main conferences and meeting the people who made the difference in our field, we built a strong network of specialists who share our values and are willing to collaborate with us. That’s why we are able to offer you the best to fulfill your thirst of inspiration and scientific updating at an advanced level. We are able to select lecturers that will generously share their clinical experience. That will change your clinical practice right away. That will inspire you and give you new ideas after one session. With IOSS you will not be disappointed by lectures that cannot keep up with what their titles imply. We take care of each and every one webinar or supervision, in order to make sure we satisfy your needs for clinically useful knowledge.


Our core drives are the same as yours:

  • Being knowledgeable
  • Being skilled
  • Being professional

We will continue selecting for you the coolest topics and the main influencers in modern sexology. We will choose those leading experts who think out of the box and bring new clinical ideas worth spreading. Let us inspire your learning process and share our viewpoints. Be part of the precious network who believes that this profession is special in bringing happiness and health to other people!


We do not belong to those that aim to make profit out of clinical concepts or educational products. We definitely do not belong to the people who put business and money at the first place of their priorities. Nothing against that, but it is a different life. All income that arises from our services is invested to the production of more and better educational material.

We are among those who love their job and it is meaningful for their life. We feel proud to do it in the best way we can. This is our reward: to share competence among sexual health care providers.


In IOSS, you will find speakers who are selected for their expertise and their knowledge in the specific topic. We choose the IOSS faculty for clinical experience, research achievement, innovation, and leadership vision. We ask renowned colleagues to join our project because of their impact in determining progress in the field of clinical sexology.

In addition, we appreciate their empathy, intellectual honesty, cultural sensitivity, and ability in interacting with patients and colleagues in a respectful and non-judgmental way.


IOSS Values

Make a Difference

Knowledge & Skills

Collaborate with heart

Continuous Education

Connections among HCPS


Your feedback is highly valued. IOSS is a pioneer initiative in the area of international online clinical supervision, and that’s why we are willing to learn. The project is young, and we want to get your opinion in improving our profile.
IOSS aims to be your new training room, and we would like to make you feel comfortable and happy with what you get from it. After attending a supervision session, a lecture or a course, please take two minutes and write us your view or further needs to be met.
Also, we will be very thankful if you may wish to appear within IOSS testimonials sending us a short video or a few lines with your picture, rating your experience with us, the quality of the service, and the relevance for your clinical practice or updating. It will help other colleagues in linking with the IOSS community.