Overview of supervision plans

What is IOSS supervision:
Supervisors provide guidance, instructions and their clinical experience to supervisees. Supervision is not a lecture, but a discussion of clinical
cases that aims to optimize the supervisee’s skills. Supervision is a synchronous web service where the supervisor has direct online
communication with the supervisee.

Whom is IOSS supervision designed for:
IOSS Supervision is designed for therapists that continuously raise the bar of their own competence. They are not happy with medium level
performance, but want to belong to the top-notch therapists whose therapeutic performance is outstanding.

Who provides IOSS supervision:
The IOSS supervision is provided by prominent therapists, considered the best in their specific field of competence. They are internationally
renowned scientists with extensive clinical experience, passion and systematic devotion on specific fields of sexology.

How do I book my supervision:
Have a look at the three different types of supervision that are available and fill in the expression of interest form below. We will then contact
you in order to make sure that we suggest a supervision plan that best fits your needs and your agenda.

Choose the type of supervision you want

Thematic supervision:

It is impossible to keep up with in depth knowledge on all the domains of sexology. By choosing thematic supervision you can get the most effective guidance by clinicians that have top level expertize on the specific theme you select.

Structured supervision:

Do you prefer IOSS to structure your supervision sessions? We have well designed supervision sessions that can optimize your psychotherapeutic skills on the diagnosis and treatment of a broad range of sexual dysfunctions and disorders. We can also adjust the sessions to your level of experience. Start with six sessions.

Flexi supervision:

At IOSS we value flexibility! Have a look at our faculty and chose your supervisor. Sessions will provide guidance according to your prioritized needs and clinical cases. Start with one session, or maybe two or…it’s up to you!

If you are interested in supervision please contact us

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