Nicole Prause

Nicole Prause

Clinical scientist & Psychologist


Nicole Prause, PhD, is a clinical scientist. She is a licensed psychologist and psychophysiological researcher at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Her research investigates primary rewards, which includes rewards experiences from sex and drugs of abuse. Her over 100 peer-reviewed publications appear in a range of journals, from engineering and basic physiology to social science and online communities. Her unique research protocols include bringing real-life partners into the laboratory to monitor their physiological responses and masturbation through climax by individuals. With strong dual training as a scientist and clinician, Dr. Prause is determined to develop and advocate for better therapies for improving patient care. In service of this ideal, she is concerned about how to measure therapeutic success, make empirically-supported therapies accessible for clinicians, identify and prevent the use of ineffective therapies, and promote clear communication with clients about the process.

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