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What helps and hinders the intimacy journey of gay/bi men? (Part 1 & 2)

1h 52m

Tim Foskett

Psychotherapist & Sexologist

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Content & Aim: Socialised to suppress, conceal, deny and be ashamed of our inner worlds, for many gay and bi men opening up to one another in human and non-defensive ways is a challenge to say the least. Add to this a shrinking gay scene, the exponential growth of virtual ‘connections’, and the availability of chems often only a few taps away, it’s easy to see why many gay and bi men despair of developing intimate relationships in C21st. And yet we do – brave souls that we are – reaching to each other through the psychological undergrowth and across the divides. This presentation shares some ideas about how gay and bi men are being intimate in C21st.

Learning Objectives: This course will help you:

    1. Understand some of the social and historical factors that affect gay and bi men in their search for and experience of intimacy.
    2. Recognise some of the issues, difficulties and obstacles to intimacy that gay/bi men deal with as well the strengths, creativity and innovation that many have developed.
    3. Consider your personal relationship to working with gay/bi men, and some practical implications for your practice in working with gay/bi men who seek to progress their intimacy journey.

Produced in 2021

Tim Foskett

Psychotherapist & Sexologist

Tim Foskett has been working on intimacy with gay and bisexual men for over 25 years. He led the PACE groupwork programme in London for 13 years and worked with thousands of bi and gay men on themes of intimacy, self-esteem, communication, sex, sexual identity, HIV and relationships.

He founded Loving Men ( in 2003 and works as an individual & group psychotherapist and supervisor online and in London, where he runs on-going therapy groups for bi/gay men.

His first degree is in Psychology and he has studied various forms of Humanistic/Integrative Counselling, Psychotherapy and Group Therapy.  He is also a qualified 5Rhythms© dance teacher and is informed by the somatic and movement work of Open Floor International.

He has written three interactive workbooks for gay/bi men: Getting Ready (Self-esteem and getting ready for a relationships), Getting What You Want (Friendship and relationships skills), and Getting Sexy (Enjoying sex more), and two reports about groupwork with gay/bi men, Talking Spaces (1996) and Talking Spaces II (2006).  These are available on his website:

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