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Sexual Boredom


Leonor de Oliveira

Clinical Psychologist
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Content: Dr Leonor de Oliveira is a clinical psychologist from Portugal who has dedicated an important part of her research activity to studying sexual boredom. In this video, Dr de Oliveira shares her precious insights from her long-term research activity leading to a recent systematic review that she co-authored*. In a very generous way, Dr de Oliveira explains why sexual boredom is an essential topic for sexual health, how it has been studied, what the most important clinical findings are and also how this knowledge applies to clinical practice. Is the impact of boredom negative for one’s sexual life, or is it positive? Does it occur only in the context of long-term monogamous relationships? Are men craving sexual variety and novel partners more than women? Dr de Oliveira talks about many critical points of clinical relevance, such as the association of sexual boredom with boredom proneness, sexual depression, personality traits and compulsive sexual behavior. From this thought-provoking talk, clinicians will widen their understanding of sexual boredom and its implications for clinical practice.


* de Oliveira L, Carvalho J, Nobre P. A Systematic Review on Sexual Boredom. J Sex Med. 2021 Mar;18(3):565-581

Produced in 2022

Leonor de Oliveira

Clinical Psychologist

Leonor de Oliveira, MSc in Psychology, is a Clinical Psychologist credited by the Portuguese Board of Psychologists and Sexual Therapist by the Portuguese Society of Clinical Sexology.

Currently integrates Porto University’s Centre for Psychology as a researcher, and the Doctoral Program in Human Sexuality as a student. Her main research topic is sexual boredom and its relationships with individual, relationship, and systemic aspects. She runs a social media project called “Pronto a despir” since 2014 where she promotes evidence based sexual education and advocates for sexual rights.

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