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Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder in Women

1h 34m

Anna Maria Giraldi

Professor of Clinical Sexology & Psychiatrist
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Content and Aim: This is a state of the art lecture on hypoactive sexual desire disorder in women. It covers important aspects of the definitions that have triggered a lot of discussion during the last years. What is high and what is low sexual desire? What is the connection with arousal? How frequent is this problem, what are the risk factors and how we can assess women with such a complain. In addition, this lecture covers briefly how sexologists can treat women with low sexual desire. In this lecture the speaker presents not only the state of the art data, but also her clinical experience, by using clinical case and many examples that helps us increase our ( and the patient’s) understanding of this complex problem.
Learning Objectives:

  1. Know the key aspects of the definition for hypoactive sexual desire in women
  2. Be familiar with the clinical presentation of hypoactive sexual desire disorder in women that is not secondary to another sexual dysfunction and hypoactive sexual desire with arousal disorder
  3. Know the prevalence and association with age
  4. Know the most strongly associated organic and psychogenic, sexual and couple related factors that explain hypoactive sexual desire disorder
  5. Be familiar with the therapeutic options: medical and psychological

Produced in 2020

Anna Maria Giraldi

Professor of Clinical Sexology & Psychiatrist

Deputy Editor Journal of Sexual Medicine and President Elect International Society for Sexual Medicine mMD, Ph.D, FECSM, Professor Giraldi is Senior Consultant in Psychiatry in the Sexological Clinic at Psychiatric Center Copenhagen and Professor of Clinical Sexology at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, where she also received her medical degree and PhD.

Professor Giraldi has been involved in the field of sexual medicine for many years, educating medical students, nurses, physicians and psychologists in sexual medicine. Professor Giraldi has been involved in basic research on vascular and smooth muscle function in male and female sexual responses, clinical research on the pharmacological treatment of erectile dysfunction and female sexual desire and arousal disorders as well as in research on somatic disease, psychiatric problems and sexuality. Clinically Professor Giraldi works with men, women and couples with sexual dysfunctions as well with transgender care. Professor Giraldi has published more than 100 papers, editorials and book chapters in the field of male and female sexual medicine. She is Deputy Editor of the Journal of Sexual Medicine and has served as an Associate Editor for Sexual and Relationship Therapy and Sexual Medicine Among her many professional affiliations, Professor Giraldi was previously President of both the Scandinavian Society for Sexual Medicine and the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health, where she has also served on the Board and Scientific Committee. In addition, she was Chair of the subcommittee on Female Sexual Health for the European Society for Sexual Medicine (ESSM), where she now sits on the faculty panel for the ESSM School of Sexual Medicine. Professor Giraldi is President-Elect of ISSM of the International Society for Sexual Medicine.


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