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Female Sexual Arousal Disorder

1h 35m

Francesca Tripodi

Psychotherapist & Sexologist
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Content and Aim: This lecture gives a good understanding of low sexual arousal in women. It starts with a description of what changes occur with arousal and the data that are relevant to subjective sexual arousal vs genital sexual arousal. The speaker provides a clear description of the various definitions and explains important aspects of these. The speaker also talks about the clinical presentation of sexual arousal disorder and shed light on the variations with which sexual arousal is experienced by women. After a presentation of the medical and psycho-social factors that may hinder sexual arousal, the speaker gives a thorough step by step description of the assessment and the questions that will guide the diagnosis and the treatment. Treatments are also described, with clinical tips on the use of sex toys and lubricants, hormonal and non-hormonal treatments, as well as sex therapy. Two cases are also used to illustrate the assessment and treatment approach that the speaker would use.
Learning Objectives:

  1. Know the key aspects of the definition for sexual arousal disorder in women
  2. Be familiar with the clinical presentation of sexual arousal disorder in women
  3. Know the prevalence and association with age
  4. Know the most strongly associated organic and psychogenic, sexual and couple related factors that explain hypoactive sexual desire disorder
  5. Be familiar with the therapeutic options: medical and psychological

Produced in 2020

Francesca Tripodi

Psychotherapist & Sexologist
Lecturer and Supervisor

Francesca Tripodi, PsyD, ECPS, is a psychologist, graduated as clinical sexologist at the Institute of Clinical Sexology, Rome (4-years training course, integrated approach) and as psychotherapist at the Roman School of Family Psychotherapy (4-year training course, systemic approach).

She got her diploma at the Oxford School of Sexual Medicine and the title of EFS-ESSM Certified Psychosexologist (ECPS). She is currently working as a psychotherapist, sexologist, lecturer and clinical supervisor at Institute of Clinical Sexology in Rome. Her 25-years clinical experience covers a wide range of sexual issues, but her focus is primarily on female sexual dysfunction and couple therapy. She collaborates as sexual counsellor, research partner and supervisor at some public and private medical and psychological services and departments in Rome and is an active member of the Italian Federation of Scientific Sexology (FISS). Since 2013, she is co-director of and lecturer at the ESSM School of Sexual Medicine. Current member of the ESSM Educational Committee, the ESSM Scientific Committee, the EFS/ESSM Exam Committee, the European Accreditation of Psycho-sexology (EPSA), the EFS Executive and Educational Committees. Author of more than 20 original articles, she has extensive (more than 20 years) lecturing and supervising experience. She is the co-author of the “Syllabus of ESSM Sexual Medicine” (2013), and co-editor of the “EFS and ESSM Syllabus of Clinical Sexology (2014) and the “ESSM Manual of Sexual Medicine” (2015). Over the last 15 years, she participated with lectures, oral communications or poster the most important conferences and international meetings organized by the main scientific societies of sexology (EFS, WAS, ESSM), as well as other congresses in the field. Moreover, in the last 15 years she worked to improve sexual quality of life through media (TV, radio, magazines, newspapers). Reviewer for The Journal of Sexual Medicine and for the Sexual Medicine Reviews, Elsevier. Abstract reviewer for the WAS congresses (2015, 2017), EFS congresses (2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016), ESSM congress (2019). She has participated to many research projects, as scientific collaborator or coordinator. 

Her research areas are mainly: 

  • training in sexology  
  • biopsychosocial approach in sexual treatments 
  • male and female sexual dysfunctions  
  • sexual development during the life span 
  • gender identity and orientation  
  • sexuality education  
  • atypical sexual behavior, sexual preferences, paraphilias  
  • hypersexuality 


English, Italian

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