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How can a couple’s intimacy increase?

By Evie Kirana

What characterizes intimacy within a couple relationship?
How close we are or feel with our partner, our intimacy, is essential to any sexual relationship.

Intimacy is characterized by:
A. the mutual sharing of personal information,
B. behaviors that consistently show a strong preference for each other and
C. moments of verbal and physical affection.

Intimacy influencies, on a daily basis, erotic passion, frequency of sexual intercourse and sexual satisfaction for both men and women.
Obviously intimacy is a dynamic characteristic of the relationship, that changes or is redefined daily, not only by the couple’s behaviors, but also by external factors.

What can a couple do to increase their intimacy?
• Schedule time together (even a little) on a daily basis. Also, a few days of holiday, regularly scheduled and without obligations. This time is an ideal opportunity to show each other attention and availability.
• Sincere communication for the purpose of sharing personal information, thoughts and emotions on a daily basis.
• Physical expression of tenderness (without necessarily being followed by sexual intercourse) and sharing of sexual desires and needs.
• Continuous monitoring of the evolution of the relationship, modifying habits that reduce intimacy and, above all, direct the evolution of the relationship according to the couple’s priorities.

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