Ronit Aloni

Ronit Aloni

Psychotherapist & Sexologist


Ronit Aloni graduated the Human Sexual Program in NYU her thesis focused on the Surrogate Partners who were associated in IPSA (International Professional Surrogates Assn), and trained at the Psychiatric clinic of NY university hospital, as well as at Rusk institute of rehabilitation.

She is a member and a supervisor at The Israel Society of Sex Therapy and the Israeli Society for Family and Couple therapy. Ronit Aloni PhD established the Sexual Rehabilitation Center in Lowenstein Rehabilitation Center and established (with Prof. Rafi Heruti) the program of human sexuality at the academic center for continuing education, School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University and co-directs it. She wrote a book about Sexual rehabilitation after TBI that includes 2 chapters about SPT for survivors of Traumatic Brain Injury and wrote chapters in other professional books with colleagues. A chapter on sexuality and cross-culture with a case study of a woman with Paraplegia rehabilitated with a male SPT. SPT in Israel was recognized by the court in compensation trials as well as recognized by the Ministry of Defense for wounded veterans as a result of the professional efforts of Ronit Aloni. R. Aloni co-direct “ISHI”, the biggest private sex therapy clinic in Israel that includes SPT since 1996.

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