Maria Lucia Pop

Maria Lucia Pop

Psychiatrist & Psychologist


Maria Lucia Pop is a medical doctor, clinical psychologist, and specialist in Psychiatry. She has worked in Romania, Italy and since 2014 in Aalborg, Denmark.

She is employed as a senior doctor at Sexological Center, Aalborg University Hospital, Denmark. She is a member of the multidisciplinary team in the hospital´s Center for Gender Identity and has participated in establishing the Center since its beginning. She is also a member of the National Committee established under the Danish Health Authority focused on the advancement of knowledge and research on transgender health. In the previous six years, her focus has been on assessment and treatment of sexual dysfunctions in both individuals and couples, and particularly on assessment and gender-affirming care for transgender and non-binary people. As such, currently her primary clinical practice and research interests concern transgender and non-binary people´s needs for healthcare, gender affirmation, thriving and improvement in quality of life, as well as the mental health professional´s role in addressing these needs.

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