Inge Blockman

Inge Blockmans

Qualitative Researcher & Consciousness Coach


The work of Inge Blockmans (PhD) is driven by her belief that everyone can experience their body as a warm home and as a source of giving and receiving pleasure

Her qualitative doctoral research project explored the lived experiences of being a woman with sexual desires living in and with a body with spinal cord injury (2014-2019; Disability Studies research group at Ghent University & Institute for Family and Sexuality Studies at KU Leuven, Belgium). This resulted in the dissertation “Manoeuvres in the dark: Re-creating (new) stories about sexuality and the body”: a blend of auto-ethnography, life stories, collective biography, ethnographic fieldwork involving hospital-internships, photography and dance, alongside academic writing experiments inspired by poetry and theatre. Her PhD inspired her to continue her work as a researcher, creative consciousness coach, and story teller around reclaiming ownership of one’s body and desires, connecting and discovering one’s body from a place of curiosity and unconditional love through creative practices including dance and tantra, “pleasurising” one’s life despite the presence of medicalisation, and rewriting sex scripts. In her interdisciplinary postdoctoral research (2020-2024; Disability Studies & Studies in Performing Arts & Media, Ghent University, Belgium) she dives into people’s infinite potential for pleasure through dance.

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