Hester Pastoor

Hester Pastoor

Sexologist, Psychotherapist, ECPS


Hester Pastoor, MSc, is registered as a sexologist-ECPS, psychotherapist, and systemic therapist. She finished three masters in The Netherlands: Clinical & Health Psychology, Personality Psychology, and Clinical Epidemiology. In Belgium, she completed a Sexology master and a postgraduate in Systemic Psychotherapy.

She is co-director of the Sexology Program in Amsterdam and co-director of the ESSM School and ESSM Advanced Course. Finally, from 2016-2022 she was president of the Dutch Scientific Society of Sexology. 
Since 2000 she works in clinical sexology and sexual medicine as a therapist, teacher, and researcher; she is currently at Erasmus UMC in Rotterdam. 
She states: ‘Sexology is my core business and the love of my life. There is no profession more interesting, challenging, and beautiful than this. It is very rewarding to work with individuals and couples who have questions, struggles, or problems with sexuality. I feel honored that they trust me with these intimate topics. Also, it is a great field to do research in. The biopsychosocial and multidisciplinary aspects make it a challenge every time. It is never boring. And finally, teaching sexology to students and professionals who want to learn about this field or even want to become registered sexologists is a great experience. To teach them what I know, to learn from them too, and to see them develop is always a pleasure.’

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