Esben Ester Pirelli Benestad

Esben Esther Pirelli Benestad

Professor of Sexology

Distinguished Guest

Esben Esther Pirelli Benestad (EEPB) is a physician, family therapist IAP, specialist in clinical sexology NACS, a professor in sexology UiA. EEPB is a well-known sexologist and transgifted person in Norway and to some degree also internationally.

They (preferred pronoun singular) is author of several textbooks and chapters on gender and sexology in general. The latest: Constructing the gender euphoria, together with Elsa Almås and Victor Eniques is to be found on Amazone kindle. They is also the proud father of two plus one and as proud grandparent of five. EEPB is also known through the many prizes winning movie “All about my father” by Even Benestad, their son. EEPB works both academically and clinically and has done so for more than forty years. A special trait in their work is the use of poetry both in therapy, publications and performances. When entering the field of sexology, they made a vow to introduce poetry to sexology. The vow was kept. A curiosity to be mentioned is that EEPB has a small theater in their garden. EEPB is a highly sought for lecturer in both lay and professional settings both in Norway and internationally. They is married to another professor of sexology Elsa Almås. Both of them sign many publications.

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