Christiane Sanderson

Senior lecturer in Psychology and Counselling


Christiane Sanderson is a retired senior lecturer in Psychology at the University of Roehampton.  With over 35  years of experience working in the field of childhood sexual abuse, interpersonal trauma, and domestic abuse.

She is the author of  Counselling Skills for Working with Shame, Counselling Skills for Working with Trauma: Healing from Child Sexual Abuse, Sexual Violence and Domestic Abuse, Introduction of Counselling Survivors of Interpersonal Trauma,  Counselling Survivors of Domestic Abuse,  Counselling Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse 3rd Edition,  The Seduction of Children: Empowering Parents and Teachers to Protect Children from Child Sexual Abuse; The Hidden Taboo of Sibling Sexual Abuse: Working with Adult Survivors and The Warrior Within: A One in Four Handbook to Aid Recovery from Childhood Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence, The Spirit Within: A One in Four Handbook to Aid Recovery from Religious Sexual Abuse Across All Faiths, Responding to Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse: A pocket guide for professionals, partners, families and friends and  Numbing the Pain: A pocket guide for professionals supporting survivors of childhood sexual abuse and addiction.


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