Carlo Bettocchi

Carlo Bettocchi

Professor of Urology


Prof. Carlo Bettocchi, MD, FECSM is currently Director of the Department of Andrology and External Genital Surgery and Associate Professor of Urology at the Hospital-University Company “Ospedali Riuniti” in Foggia.

 From 1995 to 2021 he worked in the Department of Urology, Andrology and Kidney Transplantation at Policlinico – University Hospital of Bari, Italy, and he has been largely involved in both diagnostic and surgical patient’s care. He became Responsible of the Andrological Section of this Urological Dept in January 1996 and he has been the director of the “Functional Urological Unit” since 2017. This Unit has became a “European Teaching Center for Penile Prosthesis Implant” since 2018 due to his large and recognize expertise in this field. He also works in Geneve, Swiss, since 2015 in collaboration with the Male Health International Surgical Center (MHISC) where he operates on reconstructive surgery for male genitalia. He is also “Visiting Professor” in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with license for working since 2013. Bettocchi is president of the European Society of Sexual Medicine (ESSM). He is also Executive Member of both Andrological Section of the European Association of Urology (ESAU) and Italian National Observatory on Gender Dysphoria (ONIG).

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