Alfons Vansteenwegen

Alfons Vansteenwegen

Professor of Psychotherapy and Sexology


Alfons Vansteenwegen, Ph.D., is a professor of systems and communication theory and couple and family therapy and sexology. He is one of the leading Flemish theoreticians and therapists in communication theory and an important inspirator in couple therapy and general psychotherapy.

He is the past President of the Institute of Family and Sexuality Studies at the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium). He is the head of the Communication Center at the University Clinics of Leuven, where residential couple therapy and sex therapy are provided. He conducted research and postgraduate training in couple, family, and sex therapy and postgraduate training in mediation. 
Visiting professor at Hopitaux Universitaires, Genève (25 Nov 1996); Universidad de Lima, Lima, Peru (Oct-Nov, 1998); University of Stellenbosch, SA (2-30 Aug 2002), Intams Summer Course, Brussels (2000- 2002); ESSM European School of Sexual Medicine, Oxford, (2008-2012 and Budapest, 2013-2017).
Author of more than 10 books (translated into several languages), counting the well-known The good enough couple (last edition in 2019). He is also the author/co-author of about 400 scientific and clinical publications about marriage, family, sexuality, and couple therapy. 
Prof. Vansteenwegen was awarded several prizes, including the VanEmdeBoas-VanUssel Award, Dutch Society of Sexology, Utrecht 2006; Gold Medal: Lifetime achievement, World Association of Sexual Health, Glasgow 2011; Abraham Maslow award, 2015.

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