Alexis Smith

Alexis Smith

Writer, Editor & Language Architect


Originally from the West Coast of the United States, Alexis Smiley Smith has been living in Berlin since 2017. In 2005, she attended the Northwest Film School in Portland Oregon and then went on to complete a Bachelor of Arts in English/Creative Writing in 2007 at Seattle University.

Before coming to Berlin, she finished a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Non-Fiction at Eastern Oregon University. Stories from her collection, Liminal Spaces: Essays On the Beautiful Terror, have been published in The SAND Journal and NAILED Magazine. 
Since 2019, her work in the sex technology space has covered many terrains. In 2019, she co-founded the world’s first analogue AI sex doll brothel, Cybrothel Berlin. Part of her work as the voice of the sex doll, Kokeshi, led her to co-write an essay titled Cybrothel: A Case Study of Kokeshi, The World’s First Analog Sex Worker with Kenneth R. Hanson as part of the publication Sex Work: Erotic Labor in the 21st Century by NYU Press. After splitting ways with her business partner in 2022, she went on to work as an erotic voice actress and content creator for CHEEX, a membership platform providing ethical porn, audio, and sex education. 
Other clients include global sex toy and sexual wellness company, WOW Tech, as well as feminist porn maker Erika Lust. Her private passions include writing immersive essays, threading topics like BDSM and Mozart’s Requiem For A Dream. 


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